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Ajduska from MUA

Sunday, January 17, 2021


I received my sample pack quite a long time ago and I immediately fell in love with Lemonilla, which I still enjoy and plan on buying in the fall (lemon cupcakes, mmmm). And then a million other perfumes distracted me for 2 years. But - I discovered Titania now! I've been wearing it to bed every night and it makes falling asleep so much nicer. It is everything I had hoped Iris Ganache would be, but wasn't. What a wonderful blend! I'm looking forward to trying even more of Candice's perfumes in the future.


Monday, February 9, 2015

New Mexico

FFF Look forward to trying your scents

Mohammed Emad Abd-Elfattah

Friday, February 6, 2015


i'd like to right in Arabic هناك الكثير من الأشياء الجميلة والرائعة التي قد تنبهر فور اكتشافها والعثور عليها، ومنها هذه الدار الرائعة، التي شعرت وأنا أجرب عطورها واحدا بعد الآخر أنني أمام شخص يستخدم مكونات ممتازة نقية قد لا تستخدمها دور نيشية شهيرة، والأمر الأهم هو البحث عن التميز حتما سيكون الطريق ليس قصيرا وأرجو ألا ينتهي تقبلي تحياتي


Friday, February 6, 2015

Berkeley, California

I am so heartened to have found these gorgeous, beautifully crafted perfumes in small batches. What a treasure trove my Rose Oud perfume spray is.. I adore oud and ordered it as a "blind buy" based on my experience with a couple of this company's wonderful oils, and I am so glad I did! It's a wonderfully rich, complex oud parfum with excellent longevity and ideal sillage. I am a tough customer with fragrances; I have a lot of allergic reaction to various grades of alcohol and chemical in many mainstream perfumes, and have always been relatively fortunate to find superior products in niche perfumery. But it's so tricky for me to find a scent I really love. This is perfect. :)

Victor Van Ourkerk

Friday, March 14, 2014


I am amazed at the level of quality and artistry that you provide at such a reasonable cost. I have blind bought two bottles so far and am blown away both! Amber Coffee/Sandalwood Fig Looking forward to my next scent experience!

Leslie Robinson

Friday, March 14, 2014

South Boston VA

I really really love Vanilla Autumn Night- IMO it smells like it should sell for about $100 or more per bottle. You are a very talented perfumer!!!

Victor VanOurkerk

Friday, March 14, 2014

United States

It's great to find an indie perfumer with such talent and comprehensive offering of beautiful, luxurious, creative fragrances at such an affordable cost. I am definitely a fan!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Love your Ginger Chai! Happy Holidays!


Sunday, March 10, 2013


I am excited to try the Summer Joy. I received your information to order it from a friend in Sweden.

John 'The Bopper' Stagg

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Coopersburg, PA

I love your offerings..very light, comforting and casual...I find myself gravitating to "Comfort" very often. Thank you for doing what you do!

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