15 ml LE parfum spray

Some new, some returning favorites. Samples available in 2 ml sprays only

Choco Bliss-chocolate cake, sandwich cookies, choc. cereal, dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, cocoa absolute, white chocolate and mild chocolate. Not as sweet as you would think, but addictive.

Vanilla Indulgence-a blend of 10 vanillas ( vanilla extract, burnt sugar vanilla, vanilla custard, vanillin, vanilla musk and much more) can be made 'spiked' by adding vanilla liquor

Cherry Nut Cream-cherry, vanilla custard, pistachio, vanilla bean and musk

Banana Caramel Cupcake-banana cupcake with caramel butter brickle buttercream icing and vanilla bean

Coconut Whisper-coconut cream, lemon, lemon blossom, jasmine and vanilla bean

Cloudberry-cotton candy, marshmallow, vanilla and raspberry

Marshmallow dreams-marshmallow, vanilla, French vanilla and white chocolate

Creamsicle-orange sherbet, vanilla ice cream, vanilla musk, orange juice

Sugar-orange blossom, orange sherbet, vanilla and a whisper of berries

Sorbet-peach, pear, honeydew melon, green apple and musk

Lilac Hug-almond milk, lilac and honey

Pistachio Pudding-pistachio, vanilla cream and a light musk for longevity. 

Rose Vineyard-rose, red wine, dates, dark berries, amber, oak barrels and sandalwood

Plum Rose-plum, rose, vanilla and cedar

Loukoum-almond, heliotrope, cherry, rose, and vanilla

Inhale-sandalwood, carnation, vanilla and musk-warm and sexy!! 

Honeybee-orange blossom, honey and buttermilk

Strawberry Orchid-strawberry, whipped cream, orchid, vanilla and wedding cake

Cherry Blossom-cherry blossom, coconut cream and whipped cream

Magnolia Peach-magnolia, vanilla and peach candy

Tropical Musk-white musk, passionfruit and frangipani

Daydream-freesia, touch of tuberose, vanilla, sandalwood and peach candy



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Rose Vineyard-juicy berries, deep rose
By Jackie Sunday, December 31, 2023
I can't rave enough about CJ Scents. Rose Vineyard consists of the juiciest blackberries/raspberries and a rose to end all roses. Such a deep, beautiful, ultra feminine scent. Performance is 10/10 for sillage and longevity.

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