LE seasonal scents parfum sprays

15 ml Single note perfume

Sometimes in the heat, only a simple scent will do. These are designed just for that occasion. 


15 ml Vanilla scent bar

A blend of vanilla, musk and ???? You decide!! Pick the add in with the drop down menu or contact me if you have any wants that aren't listed. If I have it, you can do it!! Want a couple things blended together? Let me know-you are the mix master here. Going to go oldschool CJ Scents with the labels on these and am discounting them back to years gone by prices. No free samples with these though with the price cut.

Vanilla lovers only!

$25.00 Sale! $20.00

15 ml LE parfum spray

Some old faves and some new scents for spring-no samples are available.

Rose Wine-merlot, red rose, raspberry

Sandal Wine-merlot, red rose and sandalwood

Red-Bordeaux, black raspberry, vanilla and white musk

Zin-Zinfandel, apples, and white musk

Moscato-Moscato, peach, melon, strawberry and white musk

Sherbet-vanilla musk, orange sherbet and orange blossom

Fluff-vanilla, marshmallow, marshmallow cream and a touch of white musk for lasting power

Violet Fluff-Vanilla, 2 kinds of marshmallow, white musk and African violet

Vanilla Bourbon-vanilla, bourbon, heliotrope and a bit of whimsy! Not super boozy.

Musk F-white musk with wafts of florals (rose, jasmine)

White musk-blend of several white musks

$25.00 Sale! $23.00

$25.00 $23.00
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