LE seasonal scents parfum sprays

Fluff Scent Bar 15 ml parfum

Want your Fluff with an add on? Here's your chance!! I'm taking the same concept as the Vanilla Scent Bar, but with marshmallow. Fluff is vanilla, marshmallow, marshmallow cream and white musk. You get to choose an add in to it (or a couple??). 

$25.00 Sale! $23.00

15 ml Vanilla scent bar

A blend of vanilla, musk and ???? You decide!! Pick the add in with the drop down menu or contact me if you have any wants that aren't listed. If I have it, you can do it!! Want a couple things blended together? Let me know-you are the mix master here. Going to go oldschool CJ Scents with the labels on these and am discounting them back to years gone by prices. No free samples with these though with the price cut.

Vanilla lovers only!

$25.00 Sale! $23.00

15 ml LE parfum spray

Some new, some returning favorites. NO samples of LE's available to order:-

Cherry Scotch-cherry, pistachio, sandalwood, cedar, amber, and scotch whiskey

Fall-returning favorite from long ago! sandalwood, rice pudding, and blood orange

Pumpkin Cardamom-amber, pumpkin and cardamom

Pumpkin's night out-pumpkin, vanilla, tonka, amber, and bourbon

Pumpkin Tobacco-vanilla, tobacco, tonka, and pumpkin

Snuggle up-vanilla, whipped cream sensual florals, and sweet musk

Bourbon Apple-sandalwood, bourbon, apples, and spiced pecans

Pumpkin Spice-pumpkin, coffee cake, oakmoss, and sandalwood

Pistachio Pudding-pistachio, vanilla cream and a light musk for longevity. 

Rose Vineyard-rose, red wine, dates, dark berries, amber, oak barrels and sandalwood

Plum Rose-plum, rose, vanilla and cedar

Kush-amber, patchouli and kush

Loukoum-almond, heliotrope, cherry, rose, and vanilla

Inhale-sandalwood, carnation, vanilla and musk-warm and sexy!! 


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