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Come on Spring!! I know I'm certainly ready to put away the snow boots this year, how about you? Many changes will be coming to CJScents the next few months. Some scents will go away, new beautiful labels are coming for the scents that stay, new website down the line. Lots of exciting things to watch out for!

I'm going to be moving some scents to a new category called 'Special request'. This will be used for scents that I can still make, but aren't on the regular scent list anymore and samples will no longer be available. It will clean up the scent list a bit and make things more manageable for me.

I've ordered 1/4 oz splash bottles since I've had a few leaks with the roll-on bottles. I still have them if you prefer them, just ask. I'm also transitioning back to the other sample vials. I've had some complaints about them being hard to open and they are so much more difficult for me to close (not worth the trouble for the tiny bit of leakage). If you are interested in buying some of the black sample vials or the 1/4 oz roll-on bottles, email me and we can work something great out!! 

Please email me if you are shipping to an address other than your approved PayPal address so there are no mix-ups.

Check on Facebook for a special code that can be used when there are no other codes:)


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